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You can bet on Sky247. You can bet on cricket, football, e-football, tennis,
Fancy Bets and elections. There are so many games and bets to choose from
Bappabook! For Live Betting, you can choose Cricket,

Football, and E-Football for 1×2 bets and Tennis for 1-2 bets. You can also view available bets today! For more markets, we have Charlotte Edwards Trophy, ICC World Cricket League, Indian Premier League, Twenty-One Internationals, Day Internationals, Test Matches, Test Match Series Markets, Hundreds, Women's Internationals twenty20 matches, and other basketball competitions.

In most football markets you have at least 30 teams. For tennis, ATP has Hertogenbosch 2023, ATP Stuttgart 2022, Australian Open 2023, Bratislava Challenger 2023,

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What is a betting exchange?

In general, the betting exchange is an additional part of the platform where you can predict the outcome of sports events and place bets on specific matches. The main difference between online exchanges and regular bookmakers is that you interact directly with other players. When using online you can not only sell matches but also buy them throughout the game. Gambling on the online stock market is a good opportunity to fix profits and reduce the risk of losses. There are two main advantages of using the betting exchange, both for the players and the platforms that offer this offer.

A small fee will be paid in the transaction after the event is completed. At the same time, it is less than the percentage of regular investors (up to 2% of the winning amount). The difference between bookmakers may be greater. This woman is sincere about the SKY247 exchange. This is because our platform is risk-free and therefore does not limit the types of gambling users can do. This is another difference between exchanges and bookmakers.

It is worth noting that, despite some advantages, betting exchanges are still not as popular as regular bookmakers. At the same time, they have already carved out a niche in the gambling market thanks to their clear operations and ease of use.

How does it work?

Before you start trading and betting online, you should carefully study the rules of the platform in question. In general, the FAQ section is not enough to understand the online betting exchange: on the current platform, you must open your account using the exchange username and password SKY247 and then read the "Terms of Use" of the exchange. Alternatively, you can contact customer support directly. The truth is that, unlike ordinary bookmakers, you may get confused when betting, especially if you have no experience of using betting. Once you have the necessary knowledge, you will be able to enjoy better betting and benefit from higher odds. You can do this, for example, by adjusting the outcome of the game before it becomes clear. In fact, this online resource is a platform that unites gamblers and features advanced competitions and gambling. At the same time, each bettor interacts directly with only one user and has the freedom to choose odds, odds, and other variables. Therefore, you can create your own mini-business.

For example, you may be good at football and follow a team. After doing your analysis, you think at the beginning of the game that this team can win and continue in the tournament. You go to our SKY247 exchange and submit a request that fills the existing request. At the same time, other users of the exchange will think that your prediction is wrong and will try to place higher bets that you are wrong. In this case, the same player can be both a better and a bettor.

Why should you use the stock market?

The main reason why punters use exchanges is fixed bets and return bets. In the first case, the user thinks that a certain benefit favors a group. For example, you know cricket and expect the "Windy men" to beat Pakistan. Like a bettor, if your prediction is correct you win. Regarding our platform, you must open an account using your SKY247 exchange and diamond exchange login ID, enter the appropriate section of the exchange, and select a match. After that, the system will automatically offer you the available betting options. Let's say you chose this option and bet 30 rupees on this event when "Windy Men" won with odds of 1.41.

After confirming your bet, the system will split it equally. If your team wins, you will receive 8.20 Rupees from your opponent plus 30 Rupees, which will go back to your main balance. If your team loses or the match ends in a draw, you will lose your 30 Rupees bet. You can also take risks and increase your odds. To this end, the platform provides easy control to adjust your bets.

And at the same time, please prepare to work for a long time and accept your request. The truth is that the greater the risks and differences, the more difficult it is to find a candidate who will accept the status quo. You can perform the entire process and try it on any device you want, even if there is no SKY247 exchange application download page, you can use the mobile version of the website.

The platform will automatically credit 30 INR back to your account if the following conditions are valid: The player is still not found. If you use the "Back" option, you are betting that a team will not be able to beat its opponent. In this case, the logic of the process is similar to that described above.

Exchange Policy

Every online transaction requires confirmation, a time limit, etc. It has unique features such as: Therefore, it is best to use your SKY247 exchange and radhe exchange username and password to open your account and contact customer support for details. There are also some general rules that apply to all online betting transactions.

Betting Time Limit

Most online exchanges do not accept bets after an event or time period has passed. This time it will be specific to specific sports. Sometimes the game has no time limit (like football). Therefore, the exchange will try to determine when it will actually close, including, for example, the type of play.


If you go into the details of using a particular exchange, you can read the specific rules. If there is no such rule, the system will decide to follow the results obtained by the control group. Additionally, information obtained from independent sources can be trusted within two days.


For example, if you place a bet on a match using Sky Exchange and the match is not completed within three days from the deadline, the online exchange reserves the right to cancel all bets. In the event of a contest or contest, the Board of Directors will make its final decision within 90 days from the last day of the event. If it is a sports team, if the playing field is planned to be changed to create a business after the bets are placed, all bets will be void. This usually happens if the new location is the home team. This rule does not apply to individual athletes.

Meet Your Friends and Win Rewards

Send your picks to your friends who use Sky 247 and lords exchange when they sign up via their mobile you will receive 247 if you and your friends bid at least R25,247. Here are some of the conditions you must meet to receive this bonus:

  1. Your friend must place a bet within 7 days after registration.
  2. The maximum number of friends you can recommend is 20.
  3. Please use the username Sky247 when necessary.

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